Keep Moving While Stopping the Spread

April 5, 2020

Staying home and staying healthy does not have mean that we can’t be active. In fact, now more than ever, keeping our bodies moving will help alleviate stress, enhance our health, reduce pain and improve our mood. 

Our Exercise Specialists have developed a series of videos to keep you moving at home while we stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community. These short videos are a great way to get started or continue the important work that was underway before the pandemic. 

Begin with the pre-screening and getting started videos first. Then you can choose from a variety of videos to suit your exercise needs, goals, barriers, and available equipment. The video series also includes a variety full body home based resistance training videos using elastic bands, dumbbells, and one with no exercise equipment. There are videos relating to exercise with pain, exercise with hip/knee arthritis, exercise motivation, exercise with kids, and more advanced resistance training and aerobic exercise principals.  

No matter if you are just getting started with exercise, or you have been exercising for some time, there is sure to be a video to help guide you during this difficult time.