Patient Education Classes

Edmonton Area Primary Care Networks are working together to offer a variety of education classes to patients. Attendance at these classes do not require a referral and are open to anyone in the Edmonton area.

All classes are offered via Zoom video conferencing which is easy to access on a smart phone, laptop or tablet anywhere with a secure internet access.

Registration varies so please check the registration link or call the phone number listed.

Anxiety To Calm

Anxiety to Calm is a simple, positive and empowering class. It is for those who want to have an opportunity for a healthy learning process to manage their anxiety. Anxiety

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Beginner Exercise Class

  Join us every weekday at 12:15 pm for a 30-minute beginner workout you can do from your living room. Our exercise specialists will lead you through a fitness session

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  Learn practical strategies that will help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety through goal setting, challenging negative thinking habits and addressing lifestyle factors. Schedule & Registration

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Chronic Pain

  This program is appropriate for people who have been suffering from any kind of chronic pain (pain for over 3 months). We discuss the mind-body connection and mindfulness, and

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COPD Wellness

  The COPD Wellness Program is a group for individuals living with chronic lung conditions such as COPD. If you have barriers attending a pulmonary rehab program in-person, or have

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Diabetes Nutrition (on-demand class)

Learn about healthy eating for diabetes including how different foods affect blood sugars, recommended food choices, portions, and tools for meal planning. Pre-Recorded Online Class Important resources and handouts to

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Drop In Exercise

  Led by an Exercise Specialist, this class located in south Edmonton, focuses on guiding you through low impact stretches and exercises. Each class will focus on a specific muscle

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Early Prenatal

  Provides education for expecting parents who are in the first 20 weeks of their pregnancy. Topics include prenatal care, management of common symptoms, nutrition and physical activity. Attending with

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Eating the Mediterranean Way

The Mediterranean diet is an evidence-based diet proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and helps with weight management. This way of eating is popular

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Emotional Regulation

  This class is for those who have difficulty controlling their emotions and feel that their behaviour is causing chaos in their life. Learn and practice mindfulness skills to cope

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Happiness Basics

  Learn how to make lifestyle changes and add new habits into your everyday life to boost your overall happiness. Taking Happiness Basics has been shown to increase mood, increase

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