Wait Times

We aim to improve access to primary care health service for our patients. 

The following wait times are available to give you an idea of how long it takes for you to see one of our team members or access a specialty clinic. 

These numbers are updated weekly and are an average wait time for the health service. You may be seen in less or more days, based on appointment time availability, the number of referrals we receive and staff scheduling. 

Healthcare Provider Number of Days (Last updated - August 31, 2022)
Behavioural Health Consultant
20 (in-person care) 7 (virtual care)
42.5 (in-person care) 37.5 (virtual care)
Exercise Specialist
23.5 (in-person care) 20 (virtual care)
Lower Leg Assessment Clinic
29 (in-person care)
Low-Risk Maternity Clinic
4.5 (in-person care)
Complex Care Transition Program
14 (in-person care)
1 (virtual care)
79 (virtual care)
Social Worker
1 (in-person and virtual care)