Best Weight: Beyond the Scale (on-demand class)

Below are the key topics addressed in the Best Weight: Beyond the Scale education class:  

  • Definition of Best Weight: “Whatever weight you can achieve while living the healthiest lifestyle you can truly enjoy.” (Note this is not determined using BMI or ideal body weight) 
  • Root causes of weight gain (beyond diet and exercise) 
  • Overview of obesity treatment options (Medical, Psychosocial, Lifestyle) 
  • A review of yo-yo weight cycling 
  • Definition of weight loss plateau and weight loss floor 
  • Realistic weight expectations based on health status and treatment choices 
  • Non-weight related measures of success 
  • Getting started using a step-wise approach  
  • Information on Primary Care Network and Alberta Health services supports in the community 


Important handout to support this learning:

Please note that this is an education class geared to assist people who are seeking assistance with obesity, it not a nutrition or exercise class.   

This class is NOT appropriate for people seeking guidance to gain weight or have unintentional weight loss or patients who have suspected or diagnosed eating disorders.