Best Weight: Beyond the Scale

Identify personal root causes for weight gain, learn different treatment options beyond diet and exercise, and set realistic expectations based on your health and chosen treatment plan.  

Below are the key topics addressed in the Best Weight: Beyond the Scale workshop:  

  • Definition of Best Weight: “Whatever weight you can achieve while living the healthiest lifestyle you can truly enjoy.” (Note this is not determined using BMI or ideal body weight) 
  • Root causes of weight gain (beyond diet and exercise) 
  • Overview of obesity treatment options (Medical, Psychosocial, Lifestyle) 
  • A review of yo-yo weight cycling 
  • Definition of weight loss plateau and weight loss floor 
  • Realistic weight expectations based on health status and treatment choices 
  • Non-weight related measures of success 
  • Getting started using astep-wiseapproach  
  • Information on Primary Care Network and Alberta Health services supports in the community 

***Please note that this class is NOT a nutrition or exercise class. This is an education workshop geared to assist patients seeking assistance with obesity. 

This class is NOT appropriate for patients who are seeking guidance to gain weight or have unintentional weight loss or patients who have suspected or diagnosed eating disorders. 


To stop the spread of COVID-19, all our workshops and classes are cancelled until further notice.

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