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Welcome to the EWPCN Health Professionals webpage. This is a space for physician members, clinics, staff and interdisciplinary team members to access resources and collaborate to support the care they provide to patients in their medical home. 

Alberta’s Pathway Hub is the provincial central location for trusted, evidence-informed clinical, patient and referral pathways.

These pathways are co-designed by patients, primary care and specialty care providers to support Albertans. The aim is to maintain health, wellness and care within their community.

Implementing CII/CPAR is a key priority for the EWPCN because it is foundational to comprehensive patient care and will enable future medical home initiatives. Our goal is to have 80% of eligible physicians implemented or prepared to implement these vital patient care tools in their clinics by 2024. Here is where you will find updates and information to support you and your team through the process.

Current State of EWPCN Physicians Onboarding CII/CPAR for their patients

Note: Participating means either EWPCN physicians are live on CII/CPAR or agreed to participate and includes those already in the implementation process or live.  Currently, 53 physicians are live, and the other 47 have either agreed to participate or are already in the implementation process but not live yet. N/A includes non-conforming EMRs, paper-based clinics, retiring physicians, closing practices, and practices in EMR migration. Unknown includes members who have not engaged with the EWPCN.


This toolkit helps you get started. 

Are you a primary care provider needing non-urgent advice from a specialist or looking for a clinical referral pathway? ConnectMD can help you. 

To ensure that physicians are aware of the e-Referral cards and that our PCN utilization has increased, check out the Connect MD billing quick info below.

  1. e-Referral Contact and Billing Code Quick Reference (large format)
  2. e-Referral Contact and Billing Code Quick Reference (pocket card format)
  3. Connect MD Non-Urgent Quick Reference 

The EWPCN is committed to team based care; especially through the physician-nurse dyad. Here are some reliable resources to help enhance team based care in your clinic.