2021 Report to the Community

Message from the Board of Directors

On behalf of the Edmonton West Primary Care Network Board of Directors welcome to the 2021 Report to the Community.

As we look back on that last year, I continue to be impressed by the way the staff at the Edmonton West Primary Care Network have maintained high-quality primary care with integrity, respect and compassion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

As health care providers, providing high-quality team-based care, we have chosen to be innovative to find new ways to care for patients during this challenging time.

It is the spirit of innovation that EWPCN:

  • physicians in five clinics  embarked on an opportunity to provide COVID-19 vaccines to their patients in their clinics. 
  • launched the Complex Care Transition Program 
  • physicians began adopting the Community Information and Integration and Central Patient Attachment Registry.
  • developed the 2021-24 Business Plan.


This 2021 Report to the Community, illustrates just how far we have come, while looking to the future of the Edmonton West Primary Care Network as we strive to provide the best primary care in our community.

Dr. Trevor Day, President

"The Behavioural Health Consultants are amazing. They are professional, good listeners and provide good resources for self-study - most of all they are caring and very understanding of what you are experiencing right now and have the skills to provide the appropriate guidance," Taylor F.

Pursuing Excellence

"I really enjoy the time that I get to speak on the phone with my dietitian. There is no pressure and I’m completely understood," Hala E.

“My health physically (and mentally) has improved so much because of my increased functional fitness. Thanks for the great tips, strategies, correct form & modifications as needed. I’m addicted to getting in scheduled physical activity into my day through virtual workouts and in the fresh air in nature," Lawrence J.